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Bias? Please point us to the technical information that illustrates the design deficiencies you are describing. I'm interested to learn more.

Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
If water enters the battery you will have problems.

The best solution is to buy a battery which doesn't have
such a vulnerability. Rather than suggest a particular brand
( this might imply bias on my part ) I will just say that if you
are riding off the beaten path you owe it to yourself to use a
different battery which is not going to be damaged if you
submerge it in water.

And then there is the issue of Shorai batteries not having
internal electronics which allow for balanced charging via
the bike's charging system. This is a design deficiency of the
first order. Other batteries have better designs.

I bought one Shorai but I'll never buy another, for the reasons I
outlined above. Shorai is ( like the BMW GS ) a triumph of
marketing BS over substance, but sooner or later the truth
comes out. And that is why some of us ride a KTM and some
of us use a battery which is not a Shorai.

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