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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
I am not dissing the rally or your employment there.
Whoa... I have a non-racing, non-motorcycle, non-rally day job like the rest of you FFs. Yeah, I don't have to pay for lodging during the race but none of us are picking up W2's from NORRA, I use a week of my vacation time to go down there, just like all the racers do. I'm there for the fun.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post

The rules are simple.. no GPS allowed on vehicles in that class, only perhaps a baja almanac and an IRC beeper sized tracker.
So, you see, that's kind of my point. You think it's simple, but even the one sentence rule you've proposed has multiple 'maybe's and unresolved questions, no discussion of procedures, penalties, allowances, classes, groupings, scoring, safety issues, or anything else.

Rally has built-in complexities that stem from the very nature of what is being accomplished. There is no way to take a race across 1000 miles, with 100 teams, and hundreds of vehicles, and hundreds of people, precisely timed to the minute, across two time zones, spread out over nearly a week, with exotic and historic race equipment, through inhospitable terrain, owned by a variety of governmental bodies and private organizations, with a variety of levels of racing experience, with satellite only communication... and make it "simple".

100 yard dash? Simple race.
Go cart track at the local fair grounds? Pretty simple race.
Rally raid? Not simple, and just can't be.

Anyone that gives a long hard think about what it takes to make a rally happen will soon realize that the task actually has a lot in common with a military exercise, and if it wasn't a race, then it would be the kind of task that you would have the National Guard handle.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Why has the organization not started a suggestion thread ....

One burning question is why ....
These are easy to answer: because they're busy trying to organize a race, and also, they have day jobs and families. If anyone has burning questions or wants to submit suggestions.... use a phone and call them. It's that simple. I'd be surprised if after doing so you weren't satisfied with the answer. :)

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