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Originally Posted by kadesean View Post
"Why lube your splines?"

I have fragged not one, but two clutch discs and input shafts from being lazy on this maintenance item. When I was describing to a non-airhead what a PITA it was to lube the splines he simply asked if doing that task was cheaper than a new clutch and tranny refurb. Yup, it IS better to lube
I have seen enough regularly lubed splines do the same thing to come to a different conclusion. Plus I have seen SO many airheads never get their splines lubed and have no issues for it whatsoever. Including my own. Lube away but spline failures really have nothing to do with being lubed on a regular basis. I have a couple hundred thousand miles of airhead experience personally and customers and friends that have cumulatively millions of miles without anywhere close to regular spline lubes and we haven't had any more spline issues for it. IMO if it mattered much at all we would all have to be lubing our splines every 5k miles or we would all be stripping splines all the time since the lube is typically gone long before that.
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