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Originally Posted by CosentinoEngineering View Post
>>that was a little anticlimactic

Yes, we were just a little bummed out.

>>f you open-up the throttle slowly after cranking on choke....

Didn't do that but will check next time I try.

>>You guys have it all opened up and are playing with the fuses, pop that headlight fuse out and save a little battery life while cranking.

Yes, we were a bit tunnel visioned at that point.

The initial tyest was with an 85 starter jet, the same size as in the FCR-MX on my ktm 450. We also tried with no jet installed and definitely was getting fuel through the choke passage. Gregor how's that eye? Still burning? I'll try a 65 when I get a chance.

Any further work planned on the choke? Or is it shelved for the moment?
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