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Originally Posted by Brimstone View Post
I think this part of the press release is the most telling in why Cyril is not with the KTM Factory team any more. My hunch is he and the team just do not agree on something, maybe the new bike direction? Maybe how the team is run internally, who knows. The rest of the release is normal announcement stuff.

That part above is the why they made the decision they did. Balance and Harmony. We can only infer that there was neither at this past Dakar. Maybe that is why Cyril struggled during the first half of the rally? And I use the word struggled lightly... since he was always right at the top...
Originally Posted by italrally View Post
May be it's only one reason :
money makes the world around...
Cyril didn't struggle, he only went as fast as necessary to survive the first half of the rally while remaining in striking distance of the lead. Do not, for one second, think anyone else in the field could have pushed CdP the way Coma could have. Some showed flashes of brilliance, but they aren't full Alien Status yet, that was proven most often when they opened the stage; they never won the stage they opened.

It's more likely that he left (got left behind?) for the money. Possibly the distinction of being the sole number one rider (as opposed to 1A,1B situation in the KTM Factory umbrella).

The typical racing pilots have a very short period in which to make say 80% of their lifetime income. I can't blame any Dakar pilot that sees he has fewer Dakar rides in front of him than behind him and chases some cash. We're not talking F1 pay where they pay by cubic meter and one season's pay is a life time of "F you" money. An extra few hundred thousand now could be the difference between retiring comfortably or being the Euro equivalent of a WalMart greeter.
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