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This was my first ever rally and I am hooked. My F800GS performed flawlessly...very happy with the Ohlin's suspension. Three miles into stage 6, my right foot cought a rut and twisted my angle out. I saved the bike but sacraficed my foot. I decided to check into a hospital in VA on 95N on the way back to NJ after driving around 450 miles and walked with a fucking cast...broken angle. The broken clear thought....the Doctor could not beleive I was walking around for 24 hours with zero ankle support...I got lucky that the everything inside the ankle did not tear apart loading the bike and walking around. Oh well...some screws and a plate, and I will be back on the bike in 4 weeks.

Holly shit....plowing through those deep sand ruts or whatever they're called was a huge rush. My bike was all over the place because I suck at riding, but all I had to do was keep twisting the right hand hand and find another gear up and the bike would just stay on two wheels and plow was my first ever ride in this type of a race where for 9 to 15 minutes it's balls out WFO start tp finish.

Regardless, I had a blast. Everyone is very nice....and anyone reading these post and may be a little hesistant to try something new, TRUST me you will meet great people, make great friend, and have a blast doing a rallymoto.

To everyone that was very helpfull to a rookie....Jason, Jenna, Logan, Rodney, Jack, and many more.....thank you very much.

To all the of Sandblasts staff and volunteers....A HUGE thank you.

Hey Ara - it's Rodney (KTM530 #154) - glad to hear you made it home well and i can't believe you had a broken ankle Between that and how you were hustling that bike through the sand you qualify as moto-animal in my book.

Jena - it was nice to meet you and glad you are doing well too

It was great meeting so many others from here and elsewhere - too bad I can't remember many names - between being focused on my first rally and totally confused by my time card my brain didn't seem to retain much

Does any one know if Logan (#150 honda 250x) is on ADV? We chased each other most stages with some bar to bar racing thrown in that was an absolute blast and has me looking at the SETRA/SORCS enduro schedule I also really appreciate him making sure me and a bunch of others didn't get lost on the transit!!

What a great weekend, race, and riders - couldn't have been a better way to start the riding season!

Hey, is my collar bone supposed to look like that?
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