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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post
I've ridden a couple of those things (950 ADV) and you couldn't give me one. Seriously.

Was all fired up to buy one a few years ago after listening to all the hooplah around here and seeing all the cool pictures... The R1150GS experience should have schooled me on "hooplah" ... Met the seller after a frantic hour long dash from home with a figurative wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket. Until I rode the thing. For 20 minutes on pavement, gravel roads and a short dirt trail. Thing I remember most was the vibration, underwhelming motor (my Buells would eat it alive) and "Playmobil" dashboard.

Nice suspension and brakes, but there's no way I'd travel on a bike that crude.

I can certainly understand someone who doesn't like the 990 Adv - it is a bit of a watershed bike. Bad fuel economy, hard to service, stock fueling on the 990 can be pretty terrible etc etc....

The 800GS is much easier to recommend and if I'm to be honest probably a better bike overall. But then there are moments on the 990 Adv when it comes together, you nail a section and it all makes sense.

I think people coming from an enduro/mx background have a much easier time appreciating the Adv than those with a road riding background. And aggressive dirt riders especially should totally get what the Adv is about.

The harder you ride it off-road the more sense the bikes makes - instead of fighting the bike you will find that you can lean on it. Ask it to do impossible things and it will just soak it up.

I've lived with the 990 Adv for quite a while and I fully admit that it isn't a perfect bike - far from it. But in my mind there is no question that it has the best off-road chassi in its class and that's what the bike is all about.
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