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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
The seal's OD needs to be lightly oiled so that it can slide in without rolling rubber ridges back in this case. Just like all seal OD's made of rubber, it should be lightly oiled. It also helps to chamfer the seal boss edge as far as not rolling back the RMS's OD ridges.

About the only rubber OD on a seal that I don't oil is oil sight glasses on oilheads and whatnot. They are looking for ANY excuse to blow out. I lubricate them with quick evaporating contact cleaner and stick them in FAST before it drys. It helps melt the rubber in tight as it evaporates!
I agree on the lubing of the outside of the seal to aid installation. But I was talking about the actual seal to flywheel contact surface, not where the seal sits in the block. I guess I should have clarified that, just didn't think I'd have to.
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