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I write this report to provide insight and perspective on ourfirst Baja ride. The only thing in my mind was to visit Mike’s Sky Ranch, meet Coco and ride on a beach. I did all those things and much much more.

A brief introduction and set up is required but usually boring. Magoo, Chris had been planning a Baja ride for a while. His plans were accompanied by a friend who did not make this trip. In essence, this trip was all for David Garret who was absent but also with me and the Magoo gang the whole damn time. I rode his bike, a most honorable mention 2006 DRZ 400.

Chris is all about adventure riding. He owns a XR650 farkle queen, a KTM 450 and has been all over New Mexico and Colorado. He is Team Magoo because without him, I would have never been invited. Without, I would have never met Magoo. I got sucked into this trip for so many non justifiable but righteous reasons. Magoo talked to Kevin Gallaher who is the veteran and pro Baja man. Kevin soon understood that I have a captive audience, I have some killer routes to ride in Baja, I can cram 1200 miles into 7 days of riding and cross the peninsula many times, include playa lake bed blasting, cactus forest rising, 1700’s missions visit, beaches, mountain ranges, badlands, brews, killer food and fffkkk yea, Baja.

I got a call from Bruce Bolander, my long time trials friend, one of a few guys that I would want near me when the shit hits the fan. Bruce grew up at a ski resort, Sipapu. His dad started the ski area in 1952, one of the first ski areas in north America to have a ski coulee, or a rope tow kind of thing. Bruce can fix anything with a motor, he could ride a Maytag if it had wheels, he can rip up a mountain on any skis, rides his bicycle from Mexico to Canada and likes to ride 24 hours of Moab on a bicycle. Bruce is near 60 but rolls like a 39 year old. I can only hope to be as bad ass as Bruce at 55 when he is 70. His parents are the same, his Mom owns world records. Bruce is the total adventure team member and has ridden everything everywhere except Alaska (next year?) Bruce is the most gracious and easy going guy I know and he also knows many jokes. I invited Bruce and he said, okay, I’m in. I then received an email from a friend about some guy riding his bike across, over and through an airplane junk yard. I noticed that Chuck Sutton was copied on the email. Chuck has never been a email or internet kind of guy. So I sent Chuck an email saying you want to go ride Baja in about 2 weeks. He replied, yea! Chuck is the NM State Champion for about 15 years in moto trials. Chuck has been a national Expert trials champ, he IS most awesome to watch and his skills on 2 wheels is sick. Chuck is all about technique and ripping. I told Magoo he will be eye candy for the trip.

Edit : Mr. Big Sprocket Kevin Gallaher is the veteran Baja adventure rider. Kevin actually just got back from his second Baja trip this year. He went back with another group 4 days after returning from our trip. He has GPS tracks all over peninsula. Having Kevin know where to go and a guide made this trip so much better and so much harder than we thought it would be. I wonder if Kevin knew what he was getting himself into?

I’m not going to bore you about me. I have ridden about 100 national trials, I have been riding trials for 25 years. I bought a KLR and rode it from Virginia to New Mexico late last year. I also own a XR250 and so many other trials bikes. I am a wonna be adventure rider and likely a poser for life. So the recipe is one very fast Baja veteran, one Rocky Mountain adventure rider who is very involved with the thankless job of rescuing our public lands for riding, three trials riders, a KTM crowd less one Cinderella Suzuki and a trip set in the books to go to Mexico. I forgot my vest pocket Spanish book, damnit!

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