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Would you care to elaborate on the mis-alignment idea. What do you think may be mis-aligned, and would this be a function of the manufacturing process, or of maintenance procedures, or......?

I am interested because circumstances present me with my first-ever opportunity to lube my splines.

Peter H
The tranny input shaft has to be aligned to the clutch plate. if you didn't take the clutch plate out, It's a non-issue. if you rotate the trans input shaft the splines might not line up with the grooves in the clutch disk. So you rotate the shaft a bit more. Big deal. Put the tranny in 1st gear when you work on it and that becomes a non-issue as well.

I don't pull the tranny to do the splines, too much work. I do use some cheap toothbrushes to clean things. You can use a dental gum brush (the conical ones at right angles to the handles) if you want to clean inside the clutch disk. Avoid solvents around the clutch disk. I use a little on the tooth brush for the tranny splines. Then I use a fresh toothbrush (get 'em cheap at the dollar store) to apply the lube.

Just cooked myself up a pot of custom lube, mostly Honda Moly60 with powdered grahite added. Pretty stiff. Will see how it works.
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