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WTF? HayDuchessLives deleted her post & pix of her & her friends running amuck in Vegas?
That just ainít right. Especially since she told me to 'Ēhave creative funĒ with the pic.
Good thing I still have the email notification with all the text & the pix so it can be reposted or quoted.
Well, Iím not sure what Ďcreative funí I could have with that second pic like I had with the first one. Looked fun enough as it was.
However it did make me think that she was in need of a new & more personalized avatar.
Come on, Duchess, look at that thing.

A pretty sad statement. It has to go.

Iím sure gettiní tired of seeing it & it seems like so many others have the same one for some strange reason.
Do you want to give people the impression that you resemble a big hairy buffalo? I donít think so. I mean I donít think you want to give that impression. Oh, I donít think you donít look like a buffalo either.
(Really! I seen her in person a couple times.)

Along with a new & more personalized avatar I thought your profile also needed some updatiní to more reflect your latest reality. I thought I would help you out with that so here is just the first part.
Iíll send you the rest of it soon & I am sure you will agree with the changes. Especially the new signature line.
...... She gonna kill me

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