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After serving me for 3 years my trusted Banner 28 Ah battery died. So I searched for replacement and only suitable motorcycle battery that I found was Unibat 28 Ah at a price of 106$ and the reviews are not so good. I payed for Banner 60$!!
In a search for another solution I found out that a local guy on his RT80 was using a car battery from Daewoo Matiz that costs around 60$ with 2 year warranty. Dimensions fit the battery holder, and just battery terminals must be adopted with leads.

As this car battery is 35Ah, is there any danger for the alternator? If I understand alternator operation correctly there is no danger only it will take longer to charge the battery.
No problem with the electrics. But be very careful of the ventilation. Those batteries make a lot of fumes. I had fumes eat a hole in my frame after a few years. The car battery didn't have an overflow hose so it would vent down by the road. Coat the frame area with some grease for protection.
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