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Originally Posted by cjbiker View Post
I love it when that happens

Which Jazzmaster is it? Mine is the "Blacktop" model. It's got a humbucker in the bridge position, which sounds good, but is just wrong for a JM. Someday I'll replace it with a real JM pickup.
It is brand new, and a Squire...but it was just so nice playing. I went in to buy an RC3 looper (that thing is fun BTW) and had been on a years long hunt for a strat that would talk to me. Came real close on a few, one fender one squire, I was real close on one then the sales guy put this thing in my hand (he actually sold me a cheaper guitar than what I was real close on...I really like that little shop, they sell you what they think you will like not what will make them the most money) is just so I walked out with both the rc3 and the squire....still looking for that strat but now I want to try a Jaguar.

Funny thing is I knew nothing about is some signature model...did not even know who the guy was....after I got home and looked him up and his group Dinosaur Jr. hate the music....but that is 180 from what I play is really nice for soft clean, but it does dirty up pretty quick.....I like it quite a bit.

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