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Originally Posted by Hypermofo View Post
Hey Ara - it's Rodney (KTM530 #154) - glad to hear you made it home well and i can't believe you had a broken ankle Between that and how you were hustling that bike through the sand you qualify as moto-animal in my book.

Jena - it was nice to meet you and glad you are doing well too

It was great meeting so many others from here and elsewhere - too bad I can't remember many names - between being focused on my first rally and totally confused by my time card my brain didn't seem to retain much

Does any one know if Logan (#150 honda 250x) is on ADV? We chased each other most stages with some bar to bar racing thrown in that was an absolute blast and has me looking at the SETRA/SORCS enduro schedule I also really appreciate him making sure me and a bunch of others didn't get lost on the transit!!

What a great weekend, race, and riders - couldn't have been a better way to start the riding season!

Thanks, Rodney. That was an awesome was my first and I am hooked and can't wait for the next one. The F8 did a great job getting me through some of the deep sand. My ankle has some hardware in it now, but I am working out on my rowing machine (with my right leg hanging to the side) like a mad man, and do hours of leg lifts on the injured leg to make sure I am still in shape once the cast comes off. It was great riding with you and Logan most of the day untill a few miles into stage 6 where I finally had to call it quits from the ankle pain. I beleive the break was during stage 3 when I fell in the deep sand and the peg dug into my ankle, but during stage 6 the pain intensified after my foot caught a rut. I don't think Logan is the forum, but I will pm you his email.
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