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Originally Posted by B1KSOLO View Post
Okay I need some advice, I was looking for a bike to do the Alcan 5000 and I was leaning towards a new 990 KTM but there are a lot of smoking deals on used low miles BMW 650 GS My question is if I buy the GS would that be enough bike to do the 5000 without any problems or should I go with the KTM 990? The 650 gs would be better for me down here as a daily driver, as always your guys thoughts are greatly appreciated
I don't think hp has a lot to do with winning. I also wouldn't buy a bike just for this race but thats me.

I've ridden a 650 gs and it's not me. Way different feel from a 990.

The gs would probably make the most sense as a daily driver and are very reliable. Fortunately I have never bought a bike using common sense as the primary motivation. The bikes I enjoy the most are the inverse of that statement
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