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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Didn't Barreda just bail from the SpeedBrain team?
No. Speedbrain is now completely separated from Husqvarna and BMW and as a standalone team, will homologate and sell the bike they currently run. Barreda and Goncalves stay with Speedbrain. They both have contracts through 2014 as does Quinn Cody. Essentially, Speedbrain becomes what Bordone-Ferrari was attempting to become, a stand alone team running a self built bike. They will continue with Husqvarna motors for the near future. The bike is likely to be rebranded as a Speedbrain 450RR.

I hear rumblings of talks between Speedbrain and "a manufacturer" for a future link up, but the rumors are young and I haven't heard a peep as to who that manufacturer may be.
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