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Originally Posted by Mad Cow View Post
This today from Red Bull

Interesting that it doesn't say if Cyril will keep them as sponsors or not (most probably not is my impression).

Neither does it actually confirm that he's off to Honda (So from that I take it red Bull doesn't know, confirming they are no longer sponsoring him)
Red Bull pulled most of that from the press release on Despres' own site but they didn't include Despres' last paragraph which reads:

Although I say goodbye to all these people, I am sure I will be seeing many of them again very soon, as, with the continued support of my long-time partner Redbull, I will most definitely be staying in the sport. It is a little too early to give any more details, suffice to say I am extremely motivated by the new challenge I am about to embark on and look forward to giving you further details in the very near future.
The left that out but then added their own speculation about Despres joining Honda. That is a very odd entry from Red Bull.
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