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Originally Posted by Mad Cow View Post
On the Speedbrain situation, they may still have access to the 450 Husky/Bmw motor for a while yet.

I learnt this Sunday that when BMW commissioned the 450 motor (built by Kymco in Taiwan), they ordered 2500 units.

Needless to say there's still a lot of them left in Kymco's warehouse!

CCM here in the UK have just taken a number off their hands for their new 450 adventure and this is how I got the news.

Sitting on the start line of the Brechfa Rally in Wales this weekend, I got chatting to a fellow competitor who it turned out is doing the PR work for CCM for the new bike (his day job) and he explained about the surplus after we got talking about CCM's (my race bike).
Good stuff. I love this kind of behind the scene's information.
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