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Thumb Testing

I have hesitated to post in this thread since we are not completed in our testing but will point out a few things.

I have two of his lights, the 10w long range and a 6LED light bar. I also have lights from Grody, ANZO and several other vendors to compare them against.

The 10W long range really do put out a decent light for the wattage and the range is well over 500'.

The light bar basically floods the area out in front of the bike to 100+'

For my application which is more slow speed technical riding I found the flood effect I get from the light bar is much better suited. If I were looking for a more high speed application where range was needed to prevent myself for overriding my lights then the long range would be the ticket.

With that said either product is very well suited to its intended task and the quality of the light output is superior to the lesser brand tested.

Below are two pictures just for reference. The wall in the back yard is 75' from the lights. All pictures were taken from same spot and the lights were also mounted in the same location as well.

10W single LED

Light Bar 8" long

This is what the ANZO light put out. A lot more yellow and dim and that is with 6 LEDS in their light.

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