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Thanks again lads. Took a wee run through to Bathgate today to check it out. Seemed straight forward enough. Didn't see anything particularly weird anyway. Well, apart from the locals.


Wee update today:

Decided against coming back on the main road as it was boring. The back road I took was far from boring. I was aiming for something called Cairnpapple Hill but decided against it as the entrance to the road was steep and gravely. I have no experience with any sort of off road riding and even if I'd made it up the hill, coming back down would have been a nightmare. Another time.

So I continued along the road I was on. However it had apparently flooded and was closed so I was diverted off to some smaller road. This one was pretty dodgy. It was a forest road and fairly high up as well so the sun hadn't gone in to thaw out the snow. I was coming down a hill that would have been fine any other time of year but today it was covered in snow (I was actually riding on snow) and all the gravel and dirt that had washed onto the road from the forest that surrounded it. I sat in first gear the whole time. I was maybe more cautious than strictly necessary but the conditions were a lot worse than on the road I came off on a few years back. I was about to stop and take a few pictures of the state of the road when a lorry appeared in my mirrors. Since the snow was piled up at the sides of the road I had nowhere to stop that would allow him to pass so I pressed on.

Since I don't have any photos of the road, a screengrab from Google street view will need to do. Just imagine a load of snow and dirt on the road.


Half a mile further down the road I found a car park so ducked in there to avoid holding up and frustrating the trucker. There were a few folk there taking their kids sledging so I got a few funny looks when I appeared on the bike.


I was only just out the car park when I was back on the main road. It was odd how quickly things went from snow and mud to sunny and bone dry. I noticed that from up on high I got a good view of the Grangemouth Refinery so pulled in and grabbed a few pics.

This isn't a great photo by any standard but I feel it's a good representation of Scotland as in it you'll see:

- Industry in the Refinery
- Natural beauty in the mountains
- History as if your eyesight is up to scratch you'll see the Wallace Monument in the centre of the photo
- Shit weather

If there was a drunk guy passed out in the field they could put this up in the airports to tell tourists everything they need to know about the country.

There wasn't much happening on the way home so that's all the photos I have. Getting a new choke cable tomorrow and once that's in she'll be advertised for sale. Need to wash her again though as she's covered in crap from today.
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