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New to the board, but have lurked long enough to check out this entire thread. Kudos to all of the contributing photographers on this thread. Great work. Keep 'em coming.

I've often said that as a KS native, I have an advantage over a lot of people in that I love my home because it's my home, and can travel and appreciate the relative beauty in most other places (implying that KS ain't much to begin with). In other words, I love KS but I get why others may not. Self-deprecating, if you will.

But I've since changed my tone, and this thread supports that change. If a person can't see and appreciate the beauty of the Great Plains/Flint Hills, then that's their problem, not the territory's problem.

I hope to contribute some pics soon. I like to dabble in photography, but by no means am I a pro. I'm even more of a novice on a motorcycle; my first-ever bike was delivered today. Can't wait to take the DSLR out on a ride, though....
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