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Team Magoo Baja Ride Day 2

Leaving Arizona and crossing the border is just happy happy happy. Typical border scene, vendors, Cha Cha kind of music, street vendors, ruins and shops, dingy dogs, trash, ugh.

But hey, we are now in Mexico, Baja California Big Sur. Huba FFFKKKing huba!

Big Sprocket knows just the place to convert about $800 in American cash into something like 10,000,000,000 pesos. Veinty, uno, tres, gaghsujsuhdgfasddigadc, buenos dias Senior. Wow, what a wad of funky do da currency. Thank you, I think? We all are now Mexican rich and ready to get the hell out of Mexacali. Onward following Ateam's most lousy GPS to San Felipe.

After about 20 hours, well actually around 3 hours later we roll into San Felipe. The drive down farm to market road 5 or AKA Mexico Highway 5, I was looking out the window at the barren and desolate mountains to the west. Occasionally we could spot the Sea of Cortez, otherwise moon scape with a scattering of "homes" or shanty's; casa's. I was a rubber neck on a ball bearing socket. Pictures of these mountains provide no scale, no contrast. So I just was not feeling it for photos. I was hoping there would be good photo opportunities.

We stayed our first and last night at the same hotel recommended by Big Sprocket. See how this pro guide thing is going? Please note that Kevin was our guide but we paid him nothing but compliments and an occasional comment such as; El Spockito Grande waits for no one.

The Mirimar Hotel was perfect. A few blocks from the main streets and an enclosed court yard with a security guard.

Abbey Baja Road. I received large volumes of grief over the making of this photo and it turned out like crap. Oh well.

Beer Run. Beer Run time!. Get on the bikes and go cruise for beer. You know to never drink the water right? Chuck and Bruce stayed behind while the three of us took off on our bikes. Total non ATGATT riding. I was just crazy happy to be on the bike, riding on the main streets and by the beach. Everything I thought this town would be like was in fact better. We went into many stores as precocious cervasa shoppers that we are.

I think this song is appropriate?

We come back loaded in liquid and Chuck is playing dual sport trials in the sandy parking lot. Chuck said this sand is tricky. Awe, the sand can't be that bad, right.

Time to go eat.

And maybe visit a bar. The decals are everywhere and I really love decals.

Then we spot a Baja map.

Wow, Baja is really long, a considerable distance to get into Southern Baja province. How much of this ride will be off road?

Our first night in Mexico started and was supplemented and sustained by tacos and seafood from this point forward. I really love the Baja food.

Bodies fueled, bikes are ready, the atmosphere is Mexico, smell of salt air, distant sounds of the street. Where is the Jimmy Buffet music? We wander back to the hotel, we talk, we are ready. It was hard falling asleep. Tomorrow we are in for one of the longest days, one of the hardest days and one of us got lost. . But I get to visit Mike's Sky Ranch. I think the road there and across the mountains there is all pavement. I hope it's not a boring ride.

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