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Originally Posted by Sub Zero View Post
thanks for the good laugh guys!

I've already made my point. how you take it is your problem not mine I'll still get all my sleep tonight knowing that there ARE in fact people out there who actually disagree with me. If you wish to argue this further, drop me a PM ill message ya back when i get around to it.

also, sanjoh, nice to see you think video games compare to the real world. hows that working out for you??

and etingelefunts, a small handgun isn't enough for you? here let me prove my point... try this. take a small gun as ive described. a tarus 1911 for example. get yourself into a run, then shoot yourself randomly in any part of your body. ex your foot, hand, stomach, maybe even your head. see how well it stops you dead in your tracks? i sure do. the way i see it, your arguing that you need all that extra ammo and firepower because you cant aim. if you need 29 extra rounds and extra magazines to stop some punk from robbing your house then by all means, the government should make an exception for you when they seize everyone elses assault rifles.

ive had enough involvement in this thread. i shared my views, said what i needed to say, now im out.

Rocks. Morons live under them, & come out from time to time.

He'll be back. If only because he hath no argument other than insults & ignorance.
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