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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
The workmanship on that machine looks top notch. The welds are excellent, obviously quality focused rather than output. I can see why it's 14K, sort of like the Tesla of MCs. Similar approach, high tech, high quality, low production. At the cost I consider them more of an engineering exercise, a very nice one forsure

Thanks for the review, very interesting.

Till battery technology gets allot better I think the electric MCs will be destined to be used for urban offroading and commuting.

Someone needs to take the chinese approach to these, cheap off the shelf componets, use the bulk of the unit cost to fund the expensive batteries. Get it out to more riders at a reduced cost. IMO, affordabilty is what will turn the tide on electric vehicle use.

I already see a lot of Chinese parts on this bike, that is what puzzles me on the price.
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