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Wesley Beane,words & pictures.

Now we have returned to the UK,I have had tiime to speak to Deborah,Wes's partner & her family, regarding the tragic & untimely death of our friend Wesley.

Wesley went to the event with the intention of winning,as he was leading last year when he crashed and broke his collarbone.To Wes,every event was possible to win,as his talents on a motorcycle shone through in every discipline.

Since starting out as a young boy,urged on by his parents,Don & Michelle,along with his grandparents Bert & Sylvia,who always attended many events,he progreesed through the local & national trials scene in the UK to become British A Class champion( 16 year old).

He then went on to win many Centre events,in his own determined fashion,never taking the easy option,or even other's advice.

His mother Michelle was a regular trials rider,who unfortunately died when Wes was 13 years old.Whilst his father,Don,was a talented trials & enduro rider,and rode in ISDT and supported KTM team in late 70's.He continued to ride regularly up until his death at the Alto Turia Rallye in Spain in 2002,at the age of 62 years.

I rode with Don at a few events,in Ireland,with TORC Enduro Club,and had some great times there.
After winning many trials as a teenager,Wes moved on to 4WD events,and again climbed up the ranks to succeed at a very high level.,alongside learning to shoot clay's,again to a high standard.His ability to shut out external interruptions(which often meant friends comments or suggestions) and his focus on learning a new technique,meant he seemed to quickly master anything he tried.

After Don's death,Wes inherited Don's KTM 400 and turned his hand to enduro's,which again,he mastered using his fabulous trials technique,and progressed rapidly to Expert.We had many good times at Welsh 2-Day & Natterjack Enduro's,and his determination to win was always present,and his demeanor could be frustrating at times,but also a cause for amusement to others.

After I had done a couple of Tuareg Rallies,Wes bought an LC640 Adventure and came to the Tuareg,and again,quickly mastered the whole roadbook/navigation technique.His riding in the dunes was a pleasure to watch,with his trials background,he made it look effortless.

Over the next couple of years,we developed the KTM 690 Enduro into a Rally machine,and this started the Rally-Raid Products business,which has flourished,using many of his ideas.

Wes,aka Beaney,to the ADV Rider fraternity,was a wealth of knowledge on the 690,spending many hours with EFI software,but that was him,he would grab any new subject,and commit totally to it until he had mastered it.Which at times could be frustrating to others around him,but that was Wes.......

I spoke with Deb yesterday,and although Wes's accident was that,a tragic racing accident,it will be very difficult to come to terms with,but for Wes winning was everything,and every metre counted.

After loosing another of our close friends and riding partner,Gordon MacPherson,recently on Heroes Legend,it has become very difficult to assess things,regarding the whole rally scene,we all know the risks when we enter these events,and I am sure that these same riders,from all around the world,who we meet at these events,are also the ones who we shall turn to for support,as we are all friends in sport............

I shall leave the thread back to others now,but here are a few pictures of Wes's background.....

Wesley's Mum at local trial 1960's
Wes riding his dad's KTM 400 at Welsh 2-Day Enduro( I still have that bike)

Styling it at Tuareg in Morocco 2012

Team Brown at Tuareg Rallye 2012

John Mitchinsom,Wesley Beane & George Dennison at Tuareg 2013

Wesley,his last day,focused as ever,out for the win............

Our thoughts are with Deb and her family,along with his grandparents Bert and Sylvia.
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