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That's a good way to look at Hamilton. I guess my question is, is that how he himself looks at it? Or will his head explode if they have a long run of not being competitive? He's pretty high strung, unlike the analytical and always-scheming Schumacher.
Hello chaps!
thanks for keeping the F1 fires on tickover over the layoff.

About the above...
Oh I dont know, I reckon at heart all great racers have that edge to them, are a bit "Hamilton-esque".
The difference with Michael was, I think, that he was very skilled in the public facade thing. It only ever slipped a couple of times that I can remember. ( Coulthard chasing anyone?) But I bet the toys came out of the pram as and when needed behind the scenes.
Lewis is just not any good at all at the facade, at covering up his emotions. He is honest, if you like. I bet he sees it as honesty...

Anyway, I like that he is open like that... and much prefer it to the controlled PR type persona of a Michael.
But I am a big Lewis fan! Hope he has a great season.
... michael
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