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BMW's are great if its a huge road bike disguised as an SUV is what you're after...with shoddy suspension, built in kickstands/rut skis/ rock magnets, silly fixed final drive ratio through a proven unreliable final drive gear, a tranny that feels like a box of marbles made with straight cut gears that beg to disengage, that wonderful dry clutch that requires whole bike disassembly to get at along with its cleverly designed hydraulic slave engineered so that when it leaks, it'll pour oil directly on the disk. Then there's its myriad of computers. There's the one that keeps thieves and yourself from operating the thing when its antenna ring burns out, the one that reengages the abs when the battery is low if you turn it off on start...this lovely feature almost killed me once. But at least servo abs and its complex ability to rob you of the ability to brake when the battery is dead, or the banjo bolt plugged, or the ball valve corroded, gone along with untold numbers of foolish riders who had trusted it...I was almost one of them once too.

For everyone else, there's the KTM.
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