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Krop's article on Dorna's Youtube policies is generating a lot of talk on his site.

I still think it'll be the sponsors that'll beat Dorna into joining the 21st century. Is Monster happy to see all images of their riders being pulled? Red Bull sponsors the Rookies, bet they're pissed every time coverage gets censored.

That's just a couple of names of companies that have made their name in social media, owe their success to it, really.

EVERY sponsor loses under Carmelo's policy, none escape the pain.

Money talks. Money needs to start screaming at Carmelo until he gets with the program.

How can he think that a policy that excludes access to the very customers that the sponsors are paying to reach is a successful one?

They lament Rossi leaving, for the loss of market exposure. These policies are a much bigger problem.
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