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I've owned almost every modern BMW GS of the last decade. I switched to KTM and have never regretted it. I always was nervous about the BMW electrical and the final drive, then with the F800 I had valve cover leaks and worried about bent rear shock mounts. Mostly I always had to worry about capability, and ground clearance. Riding a trail 70% of the way only to turn around because the jugs wouldn't clear the two rocks coming up ahead. Not being able to gear the transmission for a specific mission was a bummer too.

Sure with the KTM I have a different set of worries but I never worry about capability and I've taken it on longer trips than the BMW's and had no problems (I do my own maintenance).

The BMW got me places but I was more tired and having less fun versus the KTM. I fought it for years, spending money trying to make the BMW more like the KTM. It was cheaper and easier to just buy the KTM.

If the 1190 lives up to the hype its going to be a great bike. The GS will be another GS. It won't be a leap forward in terms of ability, it will be an incremental update (YAWN).
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