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Originally Posted by uk_vette View Post
Hi Selz,

I live in China, and have recently (last year) passed my car adn bike tests.

As mentioned, from of which I am a regular is a decent enough forum.
Many guys there to offer good advice.

Will you be applying for your Chinese bike driving licence?

Presume you have a full foreign licence, which just needs the Chinese (in English) computer part of teh test in order for you to get your legal Chinese bike licence.

Don't think about buying one of the fake licences, they might have worked several years ago, but them days are passed.

No need to go outside China really, there thousands and thousands of trails to ride in China, from mountains, and lakes, there is every thing.

I have the car and bike computer questions and answers if you want to test yourself.

Hello Vette.

I live in China too and until now have been looking for a crooked cop to buy a license from. Just been too busy to get it done. Really where I live I probably don't even need a plate. Nearest town, 10km away has 60,000 people and I only see police in that town centre. I am in Afghanistan half the year and have buses and bikes to keep me going when I'm here but wouldn't mind having a look at those answers if you still have them. I understood the computer selects 100 randomly from 1400 crazy questions and really only a fool would study if you could pay a cop 500 RMB. Apparently that is the rate here.
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