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jetting questions

"83 XL 125 112 55
84 XL 118 110 65 Cali
84 XL 120 112 65
85 XL 115 112 65 Cali
85 XR 122 45
85 XL 118 115 62
86XL 115 112 62
86XR 128 110 45
87XL 118 115 62
87XL 118 112 62 cali

My current configuration is 125 115 42 XR carbs with XR needles and enlarged needle jets. My favorite yet. Knowing me I will play around with it some more come summer. I am kinda thinking 130 108 might be fun to try. "

found the above on either the XR or XL 600 thread.
I took out my left main jet and my idle jet. I have a 125 and a 45 in that carburetor. So the 45 matches up with the year but the main doesn't. Wonder why previous owner has gone leaner? I guess I should pull the right carb jet too and see what I have. I cleaned the idle jet and got it to fire on every kick, but even with the choke on it doesn't want to stay running although if I kick it enough, once it gets a little warmer it keeps on running. I also cleaned, but haven't installed, the air filter so once that is on it may richen it up enough to compensate. It was pretty dirty and I should probably throw a Unifilter on there...

I also still wonder if the XR400 exhaust and factory baffle isn't causing it to be a little too much back pressure? However, I was also wondering if that would only be affected at higher RPM's such as going down the highway under load?

Just thoughts as I get her tuned up.
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