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KTM LC8 Air Filter Kits by SW7

SportingWood's KTM 950 & 990 Air Filter Kit

Photos courtesy of thumper996 and Corsa996

SportingWood's SW7 intake system makes more power for your LC8. There is absolutely no other modification that costs so little while rewarding so much. Improvement doesn't stop at horsepower gains, better throttle response and a flatter, quicker torque curve either. Eliminating the KTM's bulky and restrictive airbox makes carburetor/ throttle body access easy and valve service a snap. More airflow under the tank makes for a cooler running engine too. ITG's Megaflow dual layer foam racing filter more than triples filtration area and provides the added security only oiled foam can provide in dusty adventure biking conditions. Plus its infinitely reusable. ITG manufacturers our Megaflow filters especially with a special dusty environment foam not available elsewhere. There is no better filter for your bike, guaranteed!


* Precision Laser Cut Anodized Alloy Adapter Plate won't crack, leak, warp or deform like nearly identical systems costing nearly twice as much.

* No other kit seals as well nor provides an OEM style connection as these. Rather than simply sitting on top of an O or X ring, this adapter has its attachment integrated into the flange by way of custom molded Buna-N rubber grommets. This Seals all three mounting surfaces, prevents any metal on metal contact and effectively isolates vibration.

* High Quality Especially Manufactured Dual Density Dusty Condition ITG Foam Air Filter allows for far better power, easier carburetor access, far easier servicing and is easily cleaned and reused over and over again.

*Dzus quarter turn fasteners and clips that make access a simple matter of two quick turns without the need for tools.

Additional information and important things to know about this mod.

Do not use alcohol based oil or cleaners on the filter. The alcohol breaks down the filter's adhesive bond. The importer says that some alcohol based filter oils and cleaners such as Notoil, K&N, etc..., have had detrimental effects on the filters. For this reason I recommend to use a good alcohol free oil and clean with soap and water alone.

Kits also include the adapter plate, grommets, ITG filter, Dzus fasteners, clips, crankcase vent hose extension, and all hardware necessary to install. The standard OFF-ROAD USE ONLY Kit does not include any accommodation to adapt crankcase ventilation inside the ITG filter. I can drill the plate by special request for those wishing to install the crankcase vent inside the airbox. A vent tube extension that re-routes the crankcase breather to a place over the countershaft sprocket is included. This puts the warm water vapor and oil mist somewhere it doesn't cost performance and may actually serve to lube the chain! Alternatively, many customers choose to attach a generic 5/8" breather to the end of the factory hose.

A free flowing exhaust and re-jetting (950) or re--mapping (990) is an absolute requirement for safe use of this product. I sell and fully support users who opt for the Factory Pro Jet Kit for the 950's. I highly recommend using TuneECU for 990's. PM for mapping suggestions tailored for your bike.

SportingWood ITG JC30-65 package including plate, filter, grommets, crankcase breather tube, Dzus clips and all necessary fasteners. Does NOT FIT SUPER ENDURO (990 version displayed above)

Carburetors or EFI:

Add SAS Plates +$18:

Add Over-Sock Filter +$58:

SportingWood ITG JC30-65 'Sausage' filter package for 950 SE including plate, grommets, crankcase breather tube, Dzus clips and all necessary fasteners.

Add Trimmed Velocity Stacks +40:

Add SAS Plates +$18:

SportingWood SW7 Trimmed Velocity Stacks for 950SE
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SportingWood SW7 ITG filter plate only (no filter)with grommets, Dzus clips and fasteners. (950 version displayed above)

Carburators or EFI?:

ITG JC30-65 air filter only (other heights available by special order) $119

Filter height:

ITG JC30-65 Sausage Version air filter only (other heights available by special order) $149

Filter Height:

ITG Dual Filtration Over-Sock $58
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SAS Block Off Plates $18
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Factory Pro Jet Kit with replacement titanium needles and clips, more main jets than you will need(158, 160, 162, 165, 168, 170, 172, 175, 178, 180, 182), 45 pilot jets, and replacement stainless screws for the fuel bowls.
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Fuel Intake O-Rings for all 950's

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USE ADV DISCOUNT CODE "ADVRider" and receive 10% off!

Terms are all prepaid with a cash back guarantee (excluding shipping) if your are not satisfied for any reason as long as the product is returned in good condition within 30 days.

Additionally, I'm just a member here, not a professional vendor of parts, accessories or financial services. This endeavor isn't about making loads of cash (obviously), its about sharing this really great improvement to LC8 riders who will most certainly appreciate it!

More HP - Less$

Please include your contact phone number for the shipper with all orders. Payments accepted via Paypal (note exactly what you want in the email) and checks sent snail mail (pm for payment instructions.)


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