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Originally Posted by Yankee Dog View Post
GSBS, an inmate here, wrote a book on riding in Alabama. This is the website for it. I dont know about your neck of the woods but he nailed a lot of the greats up here in the North half of the states.
My wife got me that book as a gift . I guess it's just this location as the black hole of adventure riding. Seems to be good groups of people in every direction from here, all about 3 hours away. I have no problem doing 500+ miles in a day, it's just the 3 hour trip to start the day is a little lame.

I'm working on the routes in that book, trying to tie them into a route from my location. Unfortunately even the book routes for this area involve a lot of highway. I think this weekend I'm going to head north and find some of the central Alabama routes and start working there.

Thanks for the info though.
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