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Hey everyone, first post here, please be gentle :)

When I graduated high school I was hungry for adventure. I wanted to drive the perimeter of the US over the summer after my senior year. At the time I allowed my friends and family to talk me out of it. It would be dangerous, and I didn't have the means on my own to make it without their support. I worked that summer (lifeguarding) instead, saving up as much cash as I could before going away to college in the fall of 2003.

I did have the luxury of choosing my focus for higher learning. I chose graphic design... Having developed a love of photography, with an artistic and technologically adaptable brain it seemed like the perfect fit. And it was.

I have been working in the visual arts and communication industry since 2005 and graduated in Portland Oregon in the spring of 2007. I have chosen career over my personal life at every point along the way. That's not to say I'm a hermit... Just that I've been sprinting on that treadmill of life knowing that if I work hard enough good things will happen.

3 months ago I had a breakthrough.

After working for a small, local ad agency here in Olympia Washington for 4 years, I met a person who ran a very successful law firm. He was in need of a marketing director, and offered me nearly double my previous salary to go to work for him. I was ready for the challenge and hungry for the cash so I jumped ship just after thanksgiving 2012.

I had so much to be thankful for.

The new job started off great, lots of interesting work, and my ideas and observations about the business were being well received and implemented with a reasonable amount of fanfare and success... The company website (responsible for roughly 70% of all our leads and clients) was next up on the list. I was excited to dig into this project most of all. I had been building and managing the digital design department for my previous company... This project was in my comfort zone to make something awesome happen.

This is where everything turned ugly.

Within a month my boss had become so frustrated and irrational with the process that I was being treated like garbage every day. After two weeks of trying to maintain a positive attitude and move the website process forward I snapped. I walked out without a word. Just an email giving him my reasons for leaving.

I love my work, but I realized that day that my integrity and self-worth was more valuable to me than earning a paycheck. If you know anyone in the creative services industry ask the, about clients from hell... We all have stories. Just so happened my breakthrough opportunity was for the most hellacious client I've ever encountered. Nice guy... Bad client.

Now I'm unemployed for the first time since being a student. it's time to go back and do what I wanted to do 10 years ago after graduating high school.

I'm riding solo from the north west to the south east United States. I'll be keeping a ride log along the way and look forward to contributing to the adv rider community.

I am camping and couch surfing with friends and family along the way, so stay tuned for what should be a pretty good time!

I leave tomorrow.

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