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Day fifty seven: 3-12-13

Said goodbye to Greg and his family and headed toward the Caribbean to meet back up with Marnix and Lisan at some place they found. The ride was amazing.

Winding through the jungle for 100 miles before getting to Limon, which was rather shitty, and then following the coastline for 30 more miles to our destination, Cahuita. Along the way we stopped at a sloth sanctuary, for injured sloths or something I guess, and although they were closed the woman let me go up and take some pictures.

We arrived at the hostel and went out for some lunch. Later the dutch duo arrived and we went out for pizza and saw this little guy

They use the power lines as their own little highway and they really are quite quick. Had some drinks, exchanged stories with Marnix and Lison, chased some sloths, went to bed.
Day fifty eight: 3-13-13
Today was a day for the books. Highs and lows and everything in between. We started the day going on a little nature hike with Marnix and Lisan.

then spent a little time trying to help Marnix fix his motorcycle. Andy had the wiring diagram (foreign language to me) out and narrowed it down to the starter relay.

I suggested a hotwire switch involving a doorbell, something that I have done regularly to my friends shitty cars, and before long Andy had it wired in.

I left my lights on all night so Marnix quickly returned the favor with a push start. 30 miles later we were at the border in Sixola.

The border was shit. The lady selling insurance was off to lunch and we had to wait an hour for her. Only then could we go get our passports stamped and our motorcycles imported. We waited another two hours for this process then snuck around the police officer that was trying to check our shit, at an additional charge to us of course. I am very adgitated at this point. Into panama! We got pulled over twice in the first 20 minutes, both times for going 90 in a 40 (KPH) they let us go both times…. Things are looking better. We hit the highway, not sure if it would be dark by the time we arrived in Boquete. The weather when we left the Caribbean was unbearably hot and humid. At the border it started pouring rain and as we continued it got much worse. We would go through five minutes of heavy downpour followed by five of sun.

Then as we reached the summit it got rainy, windy, and so foggy you couldn’t see fifteen feet in front of you. All this rain made the many waterfalls that we passed flow in full force. It was a great experience. After we crested the mountians and began decending the pacific side the rain let up and the fog cleared into what I could best describe as a tropical eastern Oregon.

The last hour of our ride was through a warm, but not hot, high desert dotted with tropical flowers.

When we finally arrived at 6pm it was getting dark. We had no idea of where to stay so we started making rounds at different hostels. After leaving one we pulled out, me right behind Andrew on to the main road and BOOM, Andy got hit by a truck. The truck swerved into our lane for some reason unknown and andy caught the side of it, luckily not the front, and I slammed on my brakes and dumped the bike into the ditch. This truck sideswiped andy hard enough to brake his handlebar stop, bend his wheel, and smash everything in his saddle bag but andy was fine besides a sprained wrist thank god!
(andy with his smashed REI pot)

Knowing the local court system usually doesn’t take the gringo side we told the guy, who stopped and was concerned, no worries, everyone is fine, and left. We went straight back to the closest hostel and had a nerve settling beer. a coors light even!

Way too close! What a day!
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