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Originally Posted by B1KSOLO View Post
Okay I need some advice, I was looking for a bike to do the Alcan 5000 and I was leaning towards a new 990 KTM but there are a lot of smoking deals on used low miles BMW 650 GS My question is if I buy the GS would that be enough bike to do the 5000 without any problems or should I go with the KTM 990? The 650 gs would be better for me down here as a daily driver, as always your guys thoughts are greatly appreciated
Get the bike you want to own and set it up for the needs of the Alcan. I haven't done an Alcan since they first had a moto category in 2002. I rode a KLR and it did fine, though I was riding closer to redline than my twin-cylinder mounted competitors. Unless they've made it drastically harder in the moto class than it was in 2002, you'll be fine on either the GS or the KTM, so go with your gut.
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