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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
I'm having issue with the software....

I created a route using a .gpx file... saved it periodically.... edited all the tulips with all sorts of info... added random bridges that were crossed... etc etc etc... point is... I spent A LOT of time working on the route...

anyways... I go to print and I save it to PDF and print a copy... I close the route and open another one... play with it for a few minutes and then open the first one again and ALL my tulip notes are gone!!!!

all that work down the drain... problem is this has happened to me 3 times already...

what gives?
i was having that prob on an ear;lier version. was driving me wild.
then i updated firefox from the ancient version i orig had.
dont know if it was the fix but since then with an up to date firefox and the older GE, all has been good.

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