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Transmission help!

So my 97 DR650se simply would not shift down into 3rd gear, so I immediately took it in. Just to keep the story straight, from the time the bike had the issue to the time I dropped it off was no more then 10 miles. I didn't break 35 mph in second gear.
First the shop told me they were needing to inspect the transmission since the problem didn't present itself easily, so I gave permission to open the engine and do a proper inspection with an estimate of 500 + dollars. Next I get a call two weeks later and the shop tells me its going to need a long list of parts to rebuild the transmission and it would cost 2400 dollars to fix. WOW!
I payed $380 dollars and took my disassemble engine and the rest of her home to start doing some research.
It has been 3 weeks and I finally have the time to do my own inspection of the transmission that they explained to me as being messed up.
What I cant figure out is the gears they wanted me to replace seem in great condition, yet my experience with gears are bicycle gears and it is easy to tell when it is time to replace them. Actually all the parts the shop suggested I needed to replace seem good. WTF.
Here I sit thinking the worst with this situation especially since the problem seemed so small. I need some help and I will start by going back to the shop and ask them to convince me that the parts are damaged.
My first question is....IF a shop needed to replace the 4th drive gear on my bike, what kind of damage on the gear could I expect to see?
Here are all the parts they said I needed to replace:
4th drive gear
bushing 4/5
5th drive gear
3rd pinion circlip
1st driven gear
3rd pinion circlip
3rd driven gear
3rd/4th dr bush
4th driven gear
5th driven gear
Fork, gear shift fork (1,2,3)
Shaft gear shift x 2
Cam gear shift
plate gear shift
Kev High pref. clutch Disc set
This is most of the transmission and routine parts for the rebuild like gaskets and plugs.

Ill check the shop tomorrow.
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