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Range Anxiety

Now that I have ridden the Zero for a bit, I am more at ease with range issues.

My commute is an indicated 34 miles one way and covers a little bit of everything. There is some dirt, some twisty canyon 2 lane, some hills up and down, and then some freeway at 75 and 65 MPH.

After this completely varied riding the Zero arrives at work with 6-4 bars of energy remaining on the bar graph energy meter. 11 bars is fully charged. I am blessed with a workplace that allows me to charge when I am at the office so I always leave fully juiced again.

If I am rolling down the freeway at 70MPH a bar will go away about every 4 miles. If the bike is ambling along on the backroad at 45-55 MPH then it will cover 6-8 miles for each bar. Riding in city traffic they go a long ways.

What I have found after several trips back and forth to work is that the bike can easily handle that distance and there is always energy to spare. If I ever need to go further, all I have to do is find a way to get there that is slower and then I can travel more distance on the remaining energy.

If your commute is a 70-80 MPH constant freeway drone that goes very far this bike is not for you. If it is mixed, like mine, then the Zero does fine but the bars will go away faster as the bike's ground speed increases.
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