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1. Make it look as stock as possible.
2. Put new stock tires on it. Fix anything that prevents it from being ridden immediately. Paint chips, normal wear is ok.
3. Wash it, but don't dry it, take pictures while it is wet. The pictures really POP and the bike looks extra shiny.
4. Clean, clean, clean.
5. Never take low ball offers until they see the bike and are laying down cash.
6. Add back accessories when they want a lower price.
7. Accessories are worth about $0.10 on the dollar when you sell the bike. About $0.40 on the dollar when in the original box with receipts.
8. Prices it just below your desired price, the old $1.99 thing, it is a lot less than $2. If you want $8000, price it at $7950. It is stupid, but it works.

Myself? I give a big discount if I don't have to wash off the mud.
"Dad, can I get a motorcycle when I grow up?"
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