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Originally Posted by FakeName View Post
Interesting interpretation- but not the sam way I see it. Appears you may not be able to build a house there, but I didn't see anything that granted you unlimited access.

And, just like any roadway, officers can (and do) prevent your access when the deem it necessary- enforcement activity etc. I believe here in SD County, they shoo us off just because it's easier to enforce the area if only bad guys enter it.

Don't get me wrong- I want you to be able to go through, because I want to read your RR and do something similar.

But my opinion of the Roosevelt Reservation (I am, after all, a photographer, and therefore trained to interpret legal documents) is it does not grant you right of passage.
" that the said strips, tracts, or parcels of land, reserved as aforesaid, may be used for public highways but for no other purpose whatever"

That pretty much sounds to me like unlimited access. The 'no other purpose whatever' tells me that it can't be shut down for immigration reasons, or because some North American two toed white sided speckled gay pronghorn antelope is having a breeding season either. The only thing I could see it being closed to the public for is if it presents a specific danger to people.

Now granted, I work in this 60' stretch pretty much everyday, and we have people come and go. Some are curious as to what it looks like, some are from the media taking pictures. Either way, they get checked inspected, and if there is no reason to detain them, they are sent on their way to do as they please.
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