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Hello, I have a few possibly stupid questions.

On a street bike only driven bike are the long range lights (10w) the best thing you have to improve visibility? My concern is that from looking at the photographs that they may be too bright and cause problems with on coming traffic. Which leads to the next question. I like the idea of wiring them in to the dimmer switch so that when you go to high beam you have 100 percent of light available but my concern is that on low beam it may still put out too much light and cause problems. I know aiming is a big part of this equation but you dont want all that light right on the ground in front of you.

The stock headlights these days (55w/60w) just barely get you by and I would like more light in the dark coupled with being able to be seen better during the daylight hours.

What do you think the best way to go on a street driven bike only?

I am not ready to buy just yet but I will go out of my way to help somebody with good customer service and buy something for a change that is NOT MADE IN CHINA.

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