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Fascinating graphic. All times from Barcelona. The number shown for each team is the difference between their best qualifying time in the 2012 Grand Prix, and their best test time in 2013.

Marussia -3.415
Mercedes -2.752
Caterham -2.162
Ferrari -1.808
Force India -1.499
Sauber -0.992
Lotus -0.766
Red Bull -0.370
McLaren -0.263
Toro Rosso 0.042
Williams +0.020

What grabs me is that the longer F1 stays with a given specification, the more the lap times will bunch up. While Marussia, Mercedes and Caterham are the eye-grabbers, what I find interesting is that Ferrari have basically made-up their 2-second deficit, while Red Bull and McLaren have only incrementally improved.

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