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Originally Posted by Winkelfinger View Post
If you are as dumb as me, you better have it totally empty....
I removed the tank from the bike ( too cold outside) and got rid of the tankcover and filler. When remounting on the bike - after a completely successful clamp and connector replacing exercise - I actually let one of the rubber thingies which position the filler drop INTO the tank. Don't laugh!!
Visiting my dealer tomorrow to get them to unscrew the right lid with their expensive special tool.
How silly is that....

Til, a.k.a Winkelfinger
You could improvise on the special tool with a couple of large screwdrivers, WF. I used two tire irons crossing each other as an X when I wanted to put hands on my fuel pump. Not a bad idea to mark the position of the locking ring before you loosen her up.

In your situation, I would rather put on some shake, rattle, and roll music and get after it like I was emptying my piggy bank. Even a game of "go fish" would be my choice over literally giving the piggy bank to the shop.

Good luck, however you choose to handle it! ~Jeff
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