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Heading south on a hard-packed mud road and enjoying the curves and dips and climbs.

The forest ended and the land was taken over by farmland but the horizon was exciting with mountains all around.

Panorama of the ride with some jagged peaks in view.

The mountains of Northern Mozambique.

A shot of my GPS and a basket from a friend in Kenya.

Twin peaks and sanDRina.

I hit the pavement near the town of Lichinga and aired up the tires with my CyclePump.

A single lane tar road took me through villages and then...

...I rounded a corner and wow, grand old Lake Malawi was spread out across the horizon.

I passed through the lakeshore town of Metangula and headed for the Chuwanga Beach Hotel...

...where they had this little hut for 250 Meticais ($8.43) per night.

The view from my beach hut of beautiful Lake Malawi.

The mountainous shoreline of Lake Malawi that I had to descend down to get here.

The waves of Lake Malawi. This lake holds a special place in my life as my family used to vacation on the opposite shore in Malawi when we lived in Zambia during my childhood. I wasn't going to pass through Malawi, due to visa complications, but coming back to these waters was enough to stir up the nostalgia.

On the Mozambican side, the lakeshore isn't developed and the lake is used as the primary source of water for the local population. They bathe, wash their clothes and take water back home for cooking and drinking.

Mango season was in full bloom and I asked the hotel workers to get me a few from the mango tree in the parking lot. I enjoyed these luscious fruits over the day and had my fill of fresh mangoes.

Special access for mosquitoes.

An old dhow carved out from a single tree trunk on the shores of Lake Malawi.

A fisherman heading out for his evening catch. Lake Malawi is the second-deepest lake in Africa, after Lake Tanganyika, and is the southernmost of the Rift Valley Lakes. Its isolation and great depth has allowed hundreds of species of endemic fish to evolve over its lifetime. The lake is also known for its snail population that harbor the deadly bilharzia parasite. Bilharzia wasn't an issue when I was a kid but recently, with certain snail-eating fish being over-fished, bilharzia has become more of an issue.

As dusk falls, a young lady with her baby tied on her back walks past a fisherman mending his net.

Enjoying the strong breeze coming off of Lake Malawi in my simple beach hut.

Heading out of Chuwanga Beach and soaking in the grand views of Lake Malawi.

J A Y on a 98 Suzuki DR650SE (sanDRina)

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