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Is the PayPal link from the DSM website a $10 one time donation or a $10/month reoccurring donation?

The PayPal terms say "$10.00 USD for each month".

I definitely want to donate more than $10, but a $10/month might be more than I want to do.

I think you have addressed this previously, but have you considered a Kickstarter?

I have seen it work on some very niche products. My wife is in to sewing historic dresses and a woman who makes very elaborate patterns put up a Kickstarter for a new dress pattern with a $7500 (to fund initial print runs of pattern) goal and a 2 month timeline. She met the goal in 12 hours and doubled it in 2 weeks.

Just a thought, really want to see this work out, but completely understand your need to do little things like feed your kids and pay the mortgage.

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