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It is a $10/month button. The site costs about $1500/month to keep online. The "high" cost is because of some rather expensive choices I made at the very beginning because I did not really consider the cost at all when I started and it just sort of took on a life of it's own with the baked in high cost structures. The kind of help the site needs is regular so the donation link was setup to be regular. If the site is not worth it to you or you cannot afford it please do not invest in it. I cannot stress enough how completely voluntary this entire project is and has been (for me and everyone else).

We are facing two issues currently. The primary issue is that the site goes offline in late May unless it is rewritten. That requires a lot of effort to do which translates roughly (though not directly) to money. The second issue is the fact that is not trivially expensive to operate. I've been supporting it for years now because I really felt our community needed a tool like this. I'm not very good about asking for help but when I finally decided to face the fact that the site needs to be rewritten a few days ago I realized how one-sided this entire relationship between DSM, its users, and myself is. My financial and temporal subjugation has been completely voluntary though. Whatever "fault" exists is mine alone.

The Kickstarter idea isn't a terrible one. I am not exactly "comfortable" with accepting donations while not being committed to actually doing the work. Having raised a mere $140 toward the rewrite fund is not encouraging. A Kickstarter would allow the money to be returned without incurring fees if the goal is not met. This seems like a much better system actually because it spares the hard feelings or the 10% the donations are costing me currently if we don't raise the money needed to do the work. As I mentioned a few days ago though, if I set a goal and we don't meet it I will feel obliged to kill the site (choices must have consequences). An outcome I'm not sure I'm ready to accept. Conveniently, the reality is what it is and my acceptance of it is not going to change it.

Rock - - Hard place

Clearly, I've not really thought any of this through. I got the memo from Google around Christmas telling me that the site was going offline in May but ignored it because I was putting in 80 hour work weeks and I didn't have the energy to deal with it. I somehow convinced myself it was a summer time problem and I still had time. I checked the date a couple days ago and realized its a May problem. May is RIGHT around the corner which explains my new sense of urgency.

I don't know the right answer. You inmates are the people I wrote the website for in the first place. Perhaps you guys should tell me. Would you be more inclined to contribute if I setup a Kickstarter and "promised" to do the requisite labor if the requested money came in? (As opposed to the system now where I just have my hat in my hand but am making no promises.)

Originally Posted by gbmaz View Post

Is the PayPal link from the DSM website a $10 one time donation or a $10/month reoccurring donation?

The PayPal terms say "$10.00 USD for each month".

I definitely want to donate more than $10, but a $10/month might be more than I want to do.

I think you have addressed this previously, but have you considered a Kickstarter?

I have seen it work on some very niche products. My wife is in to sewing historic dresses and a woman who makes very elaborate patterns put up a Kickstarter for a new dress pattern with a $7500 (to fund initial print runs of pattern) goal and a 2 month timeline. She met the goal in 12 hours and doubled it in 2 weeks.

Just a thought, really want to see this work out, but completely understand your need to do little things like feed your kids and pay the mortgage.

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