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What a beuty!

Wish it were closer!!!
$1200+$645 (shipped to my door)=$1845.
If I didn't have two Gassers torn down at the moment, I'd be on this like white on rice!

If they were at all smart, they drained the coolant circuit.
And unless the case is cottage cheese in critical areas, you could use JB weld to fill&file back to shape (One of JBweld's few legitimate applications) For $2k it'd be the sharpest bike in most of our garages...I'd have to make it street legal so I could show it off.

Beta's kick on the wrong side and the cable clutch is sort of a bummer (Know 1st hand from my TR-34) add the distance and that's 3 strikes for me.
and at $2k that's 1/4 of a used Monty 4rt....yup gonna pass
Paioli forks are nice!
Beta's frames were/are always ahead of the curve!
Why'd it have to be Purple and gold?...Oh the 90's...think I have a matching Fanny pack somewhere under my roller blades and beabie-baby collection (They'r investments you know)

The temptation in great...I'll dream about it until closing time.
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