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Definitely too much crap there.

They're right... going between cars gets easy after a little while. I started riding only three years ago (in LA too), and remember my first times splitting. Definitely nervous at first. But as soon as you see just how much faster you can get places, especially by filtering to the front of traffic lights, the nervousness goes away.

A few days ago up here in Oregon, I did a little splitting because traffic was too damn slow. I slipped to the right of a long line of cars waiting to turn right, at a turn that is always way slow (because people are morons). Then to the next left turn, same thing. It's a left turn that you can turn left on red (onto a one-way street) and people will sit there with their head up their ass, so I slipped by, stopped at the front, and went. I'm not sure anybody even noticed I was ever there. Saved easily ten minutes.

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