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Great ride report, Tony---Keep up the good work!

Curtis, we were the only people at Mike's Sky Ranch, other than one employee-----kind of sad, we noticed this at several of our stopping points, either the economy or American's fear of the "cartels" is keeping people out of Baja---too bad, because all of the people we met down there, including the young federales with their AK-47s were very friendly, glad to see the "motos"---

Chuck and I decided to strategically place a couple of business cards on a fine piece of framed artwork in the bar at Mike's.......

The "rescue Jeep" fueled and ready sits outside of Mike's Sky Ranch.....

Brian, don't be fooled by the gas tank on the DRZ, which we nicknamed the "Exxon Valdeez"----that bike just sipped the gas, while the KTMs were chugging petrol!

We all carried a small (1/2 gallon) extra container of gas, our leader Big Sprocket was nicknamed "Jugs" because of the extra plastic containers he carried for fuel on the longer ride days. (I hope Tony has a picture of "jugs"-----)

Fuel is scarce down there, whenever you see a hand-painted "gasolina" sign, make sure to stop and top of the tanks! (here's a picture of one of the barrel gas places we "pit stopped" at:

Here's a photo of a "steeker" I spotted on one of the windows at Mike's, the greenies would love this one!----

and here's a picture of the Cabo-bound moto gang, along with the trophy truck at the start of the infamous 7-mile "mag-whoops"----(they kicked my ass!)

What an incredible ride! all types of terrain, with a new twist around every corner.......(the trials guys got in a little of their specialty on the ride out from Mike's Sky Rancho, but I'll let A-Team tell you about that....., along with the rider who went MIA.....)

Here's a pic of some cactus singletrack that was waaay cool!
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